{Fashion} Minimalism is the key

Hi there, with Christmas just 2 days away I have decided stressing about it won’t solve anything fast. As I mentioned in my Twenty fourteen December goals I will just be relaxing and enjoying life, saying that I am still yet to write the cards and send them off though my immediate family have already gotten theirs  thanks to Mango Salute and there creative and highly talented artists its everyone that has to wait for my hand delivery service. I shared in the outfits post what I will be wearing for the days before and after Christmas but was going through my wardrobe when I realised I have not done a clear out for a long time now.

When I went to Zambia this September/October I did not buy any clothes to take I just took whatever would fit in my 25KG max luggage limit and off I went because I knew I wanted to make room in my closet at some point this year. I am not going to lie and say I have not bought anything since because I have and though it was mostly for work I still did buy something. In thinking about what I want to update my wardrobe with I started to think ‘minimalism is the key’ here, I can’t just on buying & buying. I need good quality clothes which do not require much effort in up keep but lasts longer than your average joe.


Now that that’s done with I wanted to share with you some of the items I have been loving from these two London based boutiques –  Sylvie Quentin and Tonic Clothing are two companies that I am slowly acquainting myself with, I am in love with some of their products which I have already pinned on my wishlist board.

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I have chosen One item from each company which I think every girl/woman/lady should have in their closet: A Smart coat and a Biker jacket, the smart coat will do what it says on the tin give your outfit a smart look and the biker jacket gives the vibes of wild side but yet so sophisticated when dressed well.

**Click the logo to visit the site or click the image to visit the product page**

Tonic-clothing smart coat

Product info: Smart Italian jacket. Navy with gold fixtures, also has waist belt by Silvian Heach.

sylviequentinSylvie quentin Biker jacket


Product info: Black Leather Sleeve with Zipper on each Arms Jacket with Fur Inside by Relish.

What do you think of my two choices, do you know any smart coats and/or biker jackets? Wishing you all and family Happy Holidays and Blessed Start to the New Year.