Staying Warm and Comfy

Winter and Stylish

Winter is in full swing here in the UK and I am not a fan but then again I have never been a fan of winter so instead of constant moping about how cold it is and how I do not like it I put together some of the products that help me stay warm. You may have seen my post on The Myrabev Life on how I keep warm this winter but I thought I share with you some clothes items that I am using more than my toothbrush (I brush morning and night FYI) to stay warm. I like staying warm and comfy I mean who doesn’t, when I go to work I like nothing better than being warm on my travels to and from, plus during work.

Favourite Boots

Because I love staying warm and comfy I almost always go for winter coats and this year I am getting out of my comfort zone and trying out some fur (faux) coats, I think if styled right they look amazing and no one will mistake you for a bear walking the side street. To go with my lovely warm coats I love nothing more than boots of all kinds, obviously it’s cold but there is not reason why you can not look stylish at the same time. I love these boots, I have the top/middle three and waiting for new look to reduce the peep toe booties and on the cobalt suede boots.
This is how I am staying warm, how you managing it?
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