Top 5 Friday ~ Instagram style

What's on my InstagramHappy New Year, its only the 2nd day of the year and already the 1st Friday in 2015. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that 2014 is no more and somehow trying to re-live some 2014 memories. So much has been planned for this blog in 2015 I made a few notes in the third week of December 2014 of what I wanted to accomplish on my blog and what I wanted to introduce, I hope you will notice that once I start sharing those ideas with you starting next week. Since it’s Friday today I wanted to share my Top 5 Friday, (as has become tradition) this time I will not be sharing what I have loved or what I will be doing but instead I wanted to share what I have been sharing lately on my Instagram. If you’re not following along on my instagram you’re definitely missing out, follow me (I always follow back) and join me on this journey. I am actually thinking of doing the 30 day photo challenge but will see if I have a moment. Follow @myrabev


2015 here we come with the new #attitude but same old me

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When a friend of mine shared this on her whatsApp I told her instantly this is so me and I was gonna (steal) borrow the picture and share on my social media pages. 2014 really had all these things for me, I am moving into 2015 with a new attitude but same old me.  

Those who follow me on Instagram know I share a lot of food pics of what I make, I am in now way a ‘food blogger’ or even know how to do a proper ‘recipe’ but I am trying my hand at it and mostly I am just sharing my creations and what I am proud of in terms of the food I am feeding my body.

#newyear #newnails entering #2015 with #sallyhansen #winedup 350 #instadri

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I am a girl who loves having a manicure done and mostly done by me, I usually refuse to pay £25-£30 to have a manicure done when I know I can do a good job too and mostly because I am usually changing up my manicure every 5 days (2 days rest) then do another one.

#oznaturals love the serums and eye gel on the blog today @oz_naturals A photo posted by A July Dreamer (@myrabev) on

Last year (feels weird typing this) I was fortunate enough to have a lot of sponsors and I like to share the products on I talking about on my social media. One place I do not do much of the sharing is Instagram so this year I want to do more.

I have started baking again and mostly just cupcakes but I am enjoying it so much that every time I bake I want to share but usually its when I just exterminated the last piece.

These are some of the things I share regularly on my instagram and would love it if you give us a follow (not mandatory). Follow @myrabev

Happy Holidays and have a blessed New Year

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