Easy Indoor Plants ~ Green Fingers

Source: Fix.com

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘Green Fingers’, if you haven’t here is a quickie run down. It’s those few people blessed with the powers of nurturing and caring for a plant and it goes making it look so easy that when you try (aka me) it does within a matter of days. I am certainly not and probably never will be a green fingers person. My mother she is one of those blessed few, she has managed to grow veggies in the UK that only grow in the Southern African climate. I tried and the damn things didn’t even bother to leave the ground they just stayed a damn shame I say…(crying inside).

When I was contacted a few weeks back to collaborate with a Fix I was more than thrilled since I have been buying all of these plants to no avail. I read through the infographics and knew instantly where I was going wrong and what kind of flowers I should be buying – cast-iron plants since they can withstand so much neglect and does not require me to do much I knew I had hit jackpot. This infographic is so informative that a novice like me is very fond of it and willing to trying my hands at keeping a plant alive and earning my green fingers.

Have a read through the infographic and choose the kind of plants you think you can manage.


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