{Haul} High street Products ~ Lipsy Love London

DSCF2263A while back I purchased some products when I was down in cambridge visiting my parents. I had not been on any product shopping spree (of sort) in a while, with companies kindly sending me different products to try I have really not had a chance but I made an effort in December and I got some of my all time favourite products and some new ones which to this day I am still raving about to my friends.

I made a video last month where I shared what I got but I will also link the products here but you’re welcome to watch the video and likes for it are very welcome. I had visited two high street stores to get these ideas and I have listed what I got in each of the stores.

1. Lipsy Love London perfume – (Alternative)
2. MUA Gel Eyeliner
3. Nivea Cleansing wipes
4. Simple Face wash
5. Vanity Bag

Pads, Butter cream (Cranberry & Vanilla), Nail polish remover, HDMI cable, cotton pads, cosmetic pads, Intu body spray (Style & Dreams)

Apart from the simple face wash my favourite all time purchase from the above items is the Lipsy Love London perfume (£17). I can not get enough of it, the smell is perfume so feminine so sweet and lasts all day.

What’s the last all time favourite thing you bought recently?


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