{Fashion Monday} Must have Fashion items

AJD Fashion -winter

Hello there and happy Monday to all, time is flying by so fast we already in the final week of February. When I was at school and university I never understood why people kept saying February goes by so fast I mean it’s only 2-3 days shorter than the rest and whilst at school it never felt like that but now out in the working world it is, with an imaginable deadlines which make me wish this year was the leap year. Anyway today I wanted to share what I think are some of the must have fashion items – winter version.

Scarf – in the UK we seem to have the worst weather of all, can experience at times 4 seasons in 1 day and this is no joke like seriously. So having a staple item like a scarf is a must. What kind of scarf is another matter currently I am loving the blanket type of scarf which are big enough to use as a small fleece blanket when traveling on the bus for long distances.


Gloves – Though they have made it on my must have list I hardly ever wear them but lately I have been finding myself pulling them out daily before and after work. I bought some cotton gloves which have the index and finger touch screen sensitive. They’re awesome and though they have the Christmas theme on them in black and white I am still wearing them (this girl don’t care).

Knee high boots – I can not emphasise enough the importance of having knee high boots. If you are anything like me a cold baby you so need these to keep the pins warm since I still haven’t learnt how to dress my bottom half properly. And since I hate tights knee high boots come in very handy.

Thermal clothes – now I know most people avoid these like a plague because the majority who wear thermals are the elderly (my parents included though they are only in their 50s) anyway I can not speak highly enough of thermals they are the best way to stay warm whilst wearing little. Like I said I am a summer baby and really prefer less clothing and I do not mean close to naked no just not a big fan of layering because I do Eskimo to the fullest and no joke.

Winter coat/jacket – investing in a warm, strong and durable winter coat or jacket is the best way to go. Currently the States has the worst of the weather and I am sure for those trekking through it can testify to the importance of having a strong and very warm coat/jacket.

These are some of the items that I think are a must for the winter closet. I have previously shared how to stay warm in the winter without breaking the bank on The Myrabev Life you welcome to see those tips as well.


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