Travel Edit: 30 Before 30 Bucketlist

30before30A couple of days ago I was reading a fellow bloggers Bucketlist and I realised though I have said I will write one one-day I have never really sat down long enough to come up with a list of places or list of things I want to do before I hit 30 (almost 3 years to go). I have loved the idea of reading other people’s Bucketlist and thinking I want to do some of those myself or maybe I should consider this and that and now I am finally pulling my head together and listing 15 places I want to visit before I am 30 and in the next post I will share 15 things I want to do before I am 30.

It is no secret that after I gave up my citizenship for another I wanted to embark on the journey and opportunities that this new citizenship had granted me and so I will be firstly want to tackle Europe and Asia then Australia and Africa. As for the states this is a given as I will be traveling there soon for business so will not yet feature on the list.

travel editBerlin, Germany – though I have been to Germany many times I have never ventured to Berlin yet and I so want to see the Berlin wall.

Paris, France – I have always wanted to go and even had opportunities to do so but as you know life always loves throwing curve balls but this time I will go.

Nice, France – Apart from paris the Nice is another place my heart longs to see in France.

Athens, Greece  -It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Greece and I sure do want to make sure I go before I hit 30.

Stockholm, Sweden – When my friend went for study abroad to Sweden I very much wanted to visit but did not have the means, now I do and definitely want to make an entrance.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The ambiance of the place the reviews I have read and the fact that one of the best person I have ever met lives them makes it one place I want to see.

Rome, Italy – I love italia big time and Roman is one place I need to visit no doubt.

Venice, Italy – of course Venice was gonna make this list, I read a review about it once and I was hooked and convinced I need to see before I have kids but now its before I am 30.

Barcelona, Spain – I have been to Spain and I loved my time there but never managed to reach Barcelona yet.

Prague, Czech Republic – A former colleague of mine was from Czech and she sold it to me big time and I want to see for myself.

Though I want to visit as many European cities as I can I also want to visit some places here in the UK.

Cornwall, England – I have been told by so many people how beautiful it is and the internet has shown me some great places to visit in cornwall so I can not wait to see for myself.

Stonehenge, England – I have always wanted to go and always thought of going on one of the arranged tours over the weekend but the UK weather kinda puts a damper on things so I always chicken out but now come rain or shine I will visit one day.

Lake District – I would love to visit with my family, I have only heard great things so definitely adding on the list.

Dublin, I have always wanted to visit Ireland for the longest time and I have a few friends there.

I have also included one place which is definitely a dream come true and one bringing in some frequent flier miles.

South Korea, this might be cheating since I have always wanted to go and I have booked time off at work and now awaiting a few things before I fly out next month end (April).

That is it for my travel edit of the 30 before 30 bucketlist.

Do you have a bucket list?