{Fashion Monday} Boots Wishlist

Hi there and welcome to Fashion Monday, I can not believe how fast time is moving. Today is already the 1st Monday in March. I feel like only a couple of days ago it was January – entering the New Year with so much promise (which it has lived up to so far) and before I knew it February was here and now its gone just like Abracadabra. Though I will admit I am glad time is moving at its own pace and giving me chance to enjoy life as was intended. January and February have been such incredible months that I can not help but stop for a moment and appreciate all that has happened and has been offered me.

…nostalgia most done….

Today I wanted to share some of the boots I have been loving, I seem to want to buy boots every single week which is crazy because I have enough. So to kick the obsession to the kerb and to save my pockets I thought I throw together a wishlist of the boots I am loving. I know summer is not too far off but I can not help but reach for my favourite boots every day. For a summer baby I am not yet ready to embrace the flip flops. I am loving boots of all types but more especially knee high and ankle boots, there is something about wearing a knee high boots on skinny jeans paired with a white tee and since its winter overlapped with a small cardigan inside the bat wing type coat. Though it is always hard for me to find the right type of boots due to my chicken legs I always try to wear ankle boots as much as I possibly can especially if the weather is not too cold.

What kind of boots are you reaching for this winter?

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