{Fashion Monday} Chill Monday

Chill Monday

So tomorrow is the last day of March 2015, can we take a moment to realise that we have almost finished 3 months in this new year!! I have loved every single day of 2015, I have been happy and joyous more times than I have been sad this year. So many blessings, so many things to love and so many people to thank and mostly taking some time to relax and just chill hence my chill monday post.

Though I am working today and probably won’t get to dress up as chill as I would like I thought I give you a glimpse into what I would (will) wear on my chill monday. If I did not have to work today and had time to chill I would wear my ankle boots with skinny jeans and oversized top. It’s still cold here so a leather jacket or any warm coat would go a long way in keeping me warm for my stroll around my new home.

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A few blogger runs a series called fashion fits everyone and it got me thinking today, what is fashion to me? How would I define fashion? I am no fashionista and do not claim to be but fashion to me is being comfortable in my skin, loving all my bits and bobs, loving my beer belly and using clothes that not only flatter me but are comfortable. I am all up for dressing stylishly but I love dressing comfortably first then stylishness second. If I had a chance to choose something I would wear daily it would have to be skinny jeans for when I am out and about or at work and PJ’s when I am at home. That’s what fashion is to me and how I look at it.

What’s fashion to you? Do you dress for style or comfort or both?