Manicure Monday ~ Spring Sunnies

Manicure Monday

I can not believe that next week it’s April and even more shocking that Easter is next week Friday. Time seems to be moving so fast for me that I have not yet had a chance to blink, but then again they do say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ which I still am. I have not yet decided what I want to do for Easter or where to even spend it (Boo or parents) but one thing I do know is I need to have me a manicure done ASAP.

The last time I shared a manicure monday post was December 2014 when I shared my Red polish I had had done at a manicure parlour in readiness for Christmas. I kid you not it’s been that long since I last had my nails done, I have been so consumed in myself that my nails have been suffering big time. I have decided to get my nails done professionally only because at the moment I want something that will last me for 2 months at least as I will soon be going on a spending freeze.

I decided I pick out a few colours I want to try out, some I have tried in the past and loved them and some I have not but I am eager to try. I am usually not one to conform to the normal when it comes to nail polish colours and by that I mean during V-day I refuse to wear red nail polish just because its V-day colour or even spring I usually define choosing ‘springy’ colours but this time I just want these colours because I think they are cute and nothing to do with the season.

Aqua blue nail polish
£5.97 –

NYX teal nail polish
£5.71 –

Lauren B Beauty teal nail polish
£12 –

Black nail polish
£14 –

I am loving all these teal colours and I can not wait to see what they will look like once I get my nails done. Teal has become one of my favourite colours and I want to have that in my home (more on this another time). It is such a warm colour and just brings freshness to mind when I look at it.

What do you think of Teal as a colour? Do you get your manicure professionally done or do it yourself?


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