2015 Monthly Goals Linky {April}

When this year started I shared with you the goals that I wanted to achieve in 2015, I refuse to call them resolutions as that always leads to me by this time giving up and quitting. I hate quitting, so I decided to set goals for the year but also add in monthly achievable goals to go along side the yearly goals. One thing I want to share with my readers and fellow bloggers is that no goal is set in stone, if you’re not able to achieve it in one month move it to the next until you do it. I know there are some goals that are time sensitive and need to be done when they are meant to but we are human not everything will go to plan. This should not lead us to despair but motivate us to do more and try again.

2015 monthly goals

I believe every day is an opportunity to try something new but to also do something we failed to do prior or where scared to try before…Miranda

For January goals I had only one, that was to apply for Naturalisation, I did this and my naturalisation was granted. February I had some goals which I forgot all about and was feeling less motivated to blog but just to relax. Though I did not set the goal to get my naturalisation and attend my ceremony to become fully British it is something that just happened and was completed. I had so many good things happen in February that I decided to just enjoy it and if and when I feel like it I would document and share on my blogs.

I moved all my February goals to March goals, like I said earlier just because we fail the first time does not mean we give up. Every day is an opportunity to do something new or try something we failed prior. One other goal I failed to accomplish was my February yearly goal, I had wanted to start my driving lessons again but life kinda stood in my way. I am not giving up on this but moving it to another month.

I had already set for March – July yearly goal to book 3 holidays abroad. I have not yet managed to book them as I am waiting on my passport and if my passport is returned before the end of this month I will be booking & flying to South Korea, so fingers crossed all comes back soon.


Now let’s see the goals I had moved from February to March to see how much I had done and if I am moving anything to the next month.

FEBRUARY and March 2015 GOALS

  • Read 4 books – So far in 2015 I have only managed to read 2 books which is very unlike me since I read between 3-5 books a month (these range from Children’s books to Romantic novels) So this month I am aiming to do better. Thank you to the author’s who’ve reached out so far. I have read 3 books so far and reading the 4th currently, my last read wasEvery woman needs a wife<– click to see my review.
  • Blog series – On The Myrabev Life I started the Blog DIY series where I have been sharing some tutorials both code and non-code related. This has been fun but not sure if I will be sharing in February so need another blog series, any suggestions are welcome. I still haven’t started any new series but I started a Facebook group for Bloggers to support one another, its called Lovely Bloggers.
  • Monday Series – On this blog I have 2 Monday series (Manicure & Fashion) that I share regularly but lately the Manicure Monday series is suffering as I have not had the chance yet since entering 2015 to sit down and do my nails. Fashion Monday is doing well which I am thankful for as I seriously have no fashion sense. This is a partial success as though I have started working on my Monday series I am doing it slowly.
  • Posting Schedule – I USED to have an amazing posting schedule which worked wonders with my insomnia, now my insomnia is getting worse and unpredictable so this has thrown me a bit of my game so I want to reclaim my mojo back this month. I am reclaiming my mojo slowly but surely so this is a work in progress.

So now that I have shared the status of my February-March goals, let me share what I am planning for April Goals.

April 2015 goals

  • {Passport Dependent} Book my flight to Seoul, I am visiting my best friend who is now living and teaching English there.
  • {Passport Dependent} Book a weekend getaway for me and Boo to either Lithuania or Rome.
  • {House Dependent} Save money for a bed and for a sofa, I found an apartment which I really like and already paid the estate agent fees to remove the property from the market. Currently waiting on all the checks that need to be done, if all goes well I will have my own apartment {insert happy scream} my first apartment.
  • With the Easter break almost here I wanted to plan my time carefully between my Boo and my parents, so I need to figure out a way to spend time with each equally.

These are my goals for April, not sure how many I will accomplish since 90% are dependent on something else happening first before I can even attempt them.

For the February Link up, Chelsie of Life with Rosie linked up her February Goals which I invite you to check out and support a fellow blogger.

What goals to do you have for April? Do you set goals?

**Don’t forget to link up your goals, weekly wishes and wants etc.**


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