{Lifestyle} Decoratin My First Apartment

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The decision to get my own apartment came after years of living in shared accommodation with either Friends (as a university student) or Strangers (as a graduate) which I was ok with for a while but then I started craving my own space and the freedom that comes with it. I did not take the decision to have my own place lightly because I know it’s nothing but. I have always wanted to rent or buy my own place for a while now but the current financial slumps the economy has experienced over the last 5 years has not been forgiving for first time buyers to enter the arena.

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After weeks and weeks of looking for an apartment which will be big enough for me and accommodate my needs I found a really beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of Didcot and only 15 minutes away from work at a very reasonable price. This has made me happy big time but the task of filling this unfurnished apartment has only recently dawned on me, I am not looking for anything extravagant but a girl can always dream.

When I was a kid I loved playing house with my friends a lot, my mother encouraged the play even bought me some items that would go nicely with my pretend house. Sometimes she would give us old curtains to build a tent and use as a pretend house, I loved it so much. Fast forward 20 years later I have embarked on the journey that is getting my own place and decorating it to my hearts desire, this is ten levels up from playing house.

I sat the other day thinking of what it was like when I was playing house as a kid and what kind of colours I usually gravitated towards when their was a choice to choose from. I noticed that then I used to love darker colours because if they got dirty (which they did daily) the dirt didn’t show easily. But now thinking about the colours I want to use for my place all I want are light and not too bright colours. I am thinking more on teal or sky blue with a touch of light grey and specs of gold or glitter (a girl’s gotta have some glitter). So armed with this information I went to online and picked out some items I love for my apartment and do a pretend decorate.


ikea art

My living space is combined with my kitchen area so it makes sense for me to have only one sofa but since I know I will be having visitors I did not just want to have any kind of sofa but a sofa bed. The sofa bed that caught my eye is the BARI sofa in malva blue grey colour from made.com, I think it is very stylish but does not scream sofa bed. Every sofa has to have some pretty and very comfortable cushions, I love the geometric design on The TRIO cushions also from made.com. I thought this Silver Day and Date wall clock  for Argos would go nicely with the theme of my apartment that I am currently going with, it’s very simple yet stylish. As a rule of thumb you can not have bare walls in your living room, since at the moment I have not finished choosing the pictures I want on my wall I thought this PREMIAR picture of the jungle journey from Ikea is perfect for my walls as I undertake this new journey along in ‘the jungle’ of living alone.

So what do you think of some of the items I have chosen for my new and first apartment?

What did you buy 1st for your first place?