{Fashion Monday} How to dress for 10+ flight



How many of you have been on a 5+ flight and wished you had dressed like you going to bed? I for one have found myself wanting to ask the pilot to make a stopover so I can open the storage bay and get me those comfy PJs in my suitcase. I mean as much as I would so love to dress looking on point I just don’t think it’s worth it up there in the sky. I want clothes which are as comfy as my PJs, warm like my wollies and a perfect fit. I also want an outfit that if it got too hot I can just take a layer off. So lets break it down:

Shoes: Definitely flats and nothing else, the only variation is either they are open, closed or half-half. I made a mistake of wearing heels on a 2.5 flight and I was in pain after so not cool.
Bottoms: I need soft cotton which is warm and roomy. I do want a perfect fit but I don’t want right enough for a wedgie. I also want ankle length but I am not opposed to cropped or even nice wearing jeans.
Top: No matter what these have to be loose, if I wear a string top I don’t want it to cling to me too much as when you sweat soaks it up too.
Top cover: I love having a cap jacket as these are easy to wear and easy to remove if and when you get to hot. When you cold you can just put them on easily.
Head: I do not know what hair you got but me and my weave we need care so tying it up and wearing a beanie is the way to go, don’t want when I land to look like shaka the Zulu.
Accessories: the only accessories I want on a long flight with me are face mask, fleece blanket and neck pillow. Most long haul flights have such shifty pillows and don’t get me started on some blankets. They are so thin its better to sit in the fridge that have one on.

These is how I dress or plan to dress for my long haul flights.
How do you dress? Any tips to add?