{GBU} The Happening ~ WEEK FOUR


Hi there and welcome to week four of The Happening, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I can not believe it’s week four already, I mean where is the time going? For the last 3 good weeks I have shared with you what has been nagging me and plans I want to fulfil, I am so grateful for all the support everyone has given me in the last couple of weeks and the words of encouragement. So without further adieu.

The Good

Guess what? My passport arrived this gone Tuesday, remember how I kept mentioning it in all my GBU posts? Well its here, I am so blessed. I went for the passport interview last week Friday and they told me to wait upto 10 working days before your receive the passport – so that would have been next week Friday but lo and behold I got a text from passport office on Monday that they were printing it then Tuesday whilst I was at work my Father sends me a picture I was so shocked but very excited I may or may not have done a little squill in the office and startled everyone.11136679_10155537285780121_8708959360843675878_n

Another Good is that since my passport has arrived I booked my ticket to Seoul, Korea. So end of this month I will be in Seoul visiting my dear friend. I so can not wait, the lord has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.

Another Good, I went to do some measurements for my apartment that I will be moving into next month and I am so excited. The budget is tight so any tips or coupons or ideas on how to stretch my budget in the UK are most welcome. I can not wait, I have been fortunate enough to do a few sponsored posts last month and this month which I am putting towards furniture for my apartment.

The sun has graced us in south West England that it’s good to have lunch outside and see so many people smiling because its so nice and regardless of life’s situations we are smiling.

Exactly one month today, we will be heading to the spa for my future sister in law’s hen party. I am so excited can not wait and there wedding is week after so in 5 short weeks we will be celebrating the first wedding in our little family (my parents and us 3).


The Bad

Last week I had bad back I think from my backpack so much that I could not bend or move my back without experiencing really sharp pain in the middle part of my back but more so the top. Mostly when my back hurts its the lower part, I either have to sit up straight or go to bed and the latter always works like a charm but all through last week and this week my back really hurt so I finally gave in a had some pain killers now its almost gone and I hope it’s not something wrong inside and am being silly for not clogging up the NHS.

I have been slowly shopping for things for my house and yesterday found a 32 inch TV at an awesome price of £149.99, checked out the specs asked the right questions and when I went to buy it only to be told that was the last one and it has been sold. No restock of this brand of TVs anymore so now I guess I will need to save up more for a decent TV.

The Ugly

Only one thing happened that I would classify as ugly and honestly most times when I am doing the GBU posts the uglies don’t look ugly anymore and I forget about them but this one I guess I couldn’t. I am more than happy to share my life online but this one I want to keep in close quarters but just know that even though I was hurt big time, I got up, brushed off and stood tall smiling. I was taught as a kid to learn to pick my battles and this is one I will not participate in and happily wave the white flag so I can keep me smiling.

So that is that peeps.

How has your week been so far since the last GBU post?

If you have had any uglies take it as an opportunity to show who you’re and not what they think you’re.