Hi there and welcome to week three of The Happening, The Good The Bad and The Ugly. The last two GBU posts have been pretty awesome and has really made me appreciate what I have and as another blogger said ‘put things into perspective’ for me. For the last two weeks having put things happening in my life in three categories has really made me realise not all is that bad even the bad it self is actually a blessing in disguise. I am still working on appreciating EVERYTHING but so far I am grateful for it all.

…So down to the post..

The Good

I mentioned in my first GBU post that I had sent out my passport application and was hoping to hear back soon and I did. Arranged for passport interview tomorrow and if all goes well should have my passport soon and I will be on the first flight to Seoul at the end of the month God willing.


The Easter break was absolutely awesome, I spent time with my family we went to church and I got to relax for a bit I needed it.

My friend is back from holiday after almost 2 and half weeks, I missed her and our bus chat to work can not wait to see her today.

The Bad

The weather has been awesome and all, glad to see summer starting but it is also the start of my face heat rush and I am not a fun. I noticed the start of the heat rush on tuesday but thought by now would have gone but nope since I have the luck of the irish it’s here and I think its here to stay.

Work was so busy yesterday and though I love it busy I did not appreciate the migraine that took resident due to it and the heat.

The Ugly

Still very grateful to the heavens nothing I would classify as ugly has appeared this week.

This is all for my week, how has your week been so far?


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