{GBU} The Happening ~ WEEK TWO


Hi and welcome to week two of The Happening, a series which documents my weeks; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as a well of sorting through this thing called life. Thank you to all the lovely comments in my first ever GBU The Happening post. Last week I read two posts which really resonated with me ‘What being a blogger has taught me‘ by Simply Sinova and ‘When to say no to blogging opportunities‘ by Hello Rigby. I sometimes forget that as a blogger I should say NO to some propositions because well as Simply Sinova puts it; as a blogger you’re everything from writer, photographer, designer to editor‘ and this takes time so only worthy propositions should be given the time. Hello Rigby brings it home by saying ‘if you can’t find anything about the company asking you to do something for them on your blog or worse when they can not even spell your name you know they are not worth your time because they did not bother to learn who you’re and what your blog is about. Armed with this information I set out on a mission to learn when to say No and I think I need some more work.

……on to today’s post….

The Good.

I have been given an opportunity to work with an amazing brand that I have always wanted to work with and this opportunity could not have come at a better time. (more on this in the next few weeks)

Tomorrow is easter, which means family will be cooking up a storm. For the last 8 years my easter’s have been infested with only Lithuanian foods and hardly anything else. I am so not complaining except for the Vodka on the menu (YUCK).

At work we have a points system called REACH points which are rewarded by employees to fellow employees when they do a good job or just shown some support or gotten the desired results. I got recognise big time which gave me so many points which I have redeemed for Argos/Homebase vouchers and can use to power furniture for my apartment.

I went for a 5k run on Monday and didn’t stop till I returned home then I felt like I was going to die since I haven’t run in over 2 years now. But it was great feeling the rest of the day but needless to stay I am feeling it till now and not dared to go back until next week.

The Bad

Mother nature, I know its gotta happen but it’s knocking me out so bad I can not function.

Got some awful news from a friend, it was a shock but glad she is ok.

The Ugly

Knock on wood, still nothing ugly has happened this week. Though I did get punked yesterday by BIL since I forgot it was April fool’s day.

So that’s it for the GBU for this week, see you next week.

What has been the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for you this week?