Manicure Monday ~ Spring your Summer

Spring your summer

Diamond nail polish, £5.83 / Textured nail polish, £6.17 / Green beauty product, £10 / Sparkle nail polish, £5.61

As the my brother’s wedding gets closer and closer I am still at loss as what to wear and more important what nail colour I want to go with. I have mentioned many a time my love for Teal or ocean blue kind of colours. Though purple/lilac is my favourite colour I can not venture there as that’s the colour theme of the wedding. I have chosen have tried on many dresses to wear to the wedding but I still can not make up my mind, this is me the wedding party not even the bride and I am fussing like this. Anyway, my future sister-in-law has arranged for us to go to the spa for her hen do the weekend before the wedding and I am so loving forward to doing my nails there and get my much needed massage. I am thinking the manicure for the wedding itself is sorted with the spa visit but the manicure for now is still amiss to me. I have been seeing a lot of lovely spring/summer colours that I want to try out but for the life of me can not make up my mind hence just going to close my eyes and do the most adult thing mini maini mo..

and Ta-da we have a colour.

Dresden Doll Diamond Full Sized Nail Polish
Though I am loving all of these colours and I want to have my nails painted with all these before I chose one next month at the spa for the wedding. I want this glitter nail polish for some reason more than the others.
What do you think of these colours for Spring and Summer?