{Sponsors} Thank you April sponsors 2015 + Collaborators

How is it possible that tomorrow is the last day of April 2015? I know I say this every month end but where is the time flying too. April has literally just come and gone, I am not sure if I have done enough this month to warrant me thinking yes April was some month. I will say I definitely had more of a lazy relaxing month than any month this year so far, I decided to take a sit back from the blog in April and just enjoy waking up and just doing nothing if not at work. It was very liberating and though I know I should not feel guilty about it I actually do.

This month is short and sweet post, whilst you reading this (Wednesday 29th or Thursday 30th April 2015) I am up in the air to Seoul, Korea if not there already.

For the Month of April I did THREE collaboration posts

1. Decorating my first apartment ~ Made.com

LessIS (1)

2. Top 3 healthiest places to live in England ~ Toothpick.com

healthiest cities

3. Home decor trends that never fall out of fashion ~ And so to Bed

and so to bed

For Month of April I did ONE sponsored post

1. Splash Proof Review and Giveaway ~ Splash

Splash Proof

Thank you so much to all my sponsors/collaborators, this blog is and always will be a personal one but I am blessed to be offered products which I never knew about, some which I did and happy to try. Thank you for helping this blog grow and hope to work with you again in the future.