{Travel} 10 Things to carry in your hand luggage

HAnd luggage

Before travelling we have so much to take into consideration and so many things to pack. I am a last minute packer and always rushing even if I pack a week in advance I will unpack the night before and re-pack all over again. So for my trips coming up I thought I write down a list of items I should have packed in my hand luggage since my main luggage will only consist of my clothes, shoes and one winter jacket.

Identification & Money: These are the most important items one should always have on them when travelling especially when you are going abroad. I recommend for both men and women, to have a passport wallet that will carry:


1. Passport

2. Bank card or credit card

Ticket: Whether going abroad or not, most places require you to carry a ticket unless you’re driving but even then if driving to another country you will need your details or if using a ferry will need a ferry ticket for you and the car.

Clothes (light items): This may be strange for some but I love to pack some light clothes in my hand luggage because if for example I am going somewhere warm I will need to get out of my England winter clothes. Last year I went to Dubai before proceeding to Zambia and in Dubai I had to change my clothes as it was too unbearable to dress in my winter woollies.

Shoes: Again same as the light clothes I like to pack shoes, if on that unforeseen day its warm in England when I depart and not so warm when I arrive at my destination I want to make sure I have the correct footwear, same applies if I link with winter boots here and arrive in warm climate.

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Gadgets: In this day and age it is absolutely essential to have your gadgets with you, it does not necessary have to be your games etc it just has to be the bare essentials like:

1. Phone: Once a day I check my phone when on holiday for anything urgent.

2. Tablet or laptop: Blogging needs to continue before before

3. Camera: Need to capture the memories

4. Headphones: I can not seriously function without my headphones, I take them everywhere with me.

Toiletries: For most the toiletries carried are simple like, toothpaste, toothbrush, face towel, face wash and moisturiser. This is a personal choice but I prefer to have these items handy especially on flights longer than 4 hours.

Medication: Dependent on who you are, where you are going and if you have any regular medication and even allergies then it’s important to pack some medication. I always walk around and pack pain killers but remember in hand luggage most medication will need a doctors note and/or prescription.


Charger and Power Bank: I guess I could have paired this with my essential gadgets but it’s all dependent on where you’re going. I only have USB type of charges so having a power bank works wonders for me and charging is easy. I charge the power bank which later chargers my phones and ipad.

Food (snacks): I do not care how long or short my flight is, the point is I need snacks, this stops me form impulse buying when I land. Once I check in and/or if possible some of my snacks are allowed through airport security then I am even happier. Also when you get to your destination whilst looking for somewhere to eat you have your snacks to start you off.

Pillow: I am flying to Seoul in a connect flight via Munich, I will need a pillow from Munich to Seoul (a 10 hour flight). Though the planes provide pillows I don’t know about you but they do nothing for me so I always need to get my neck pillow.

These are some of the items I like to have packed in my hand luggage, what items do you pack? Any more suggestions for my 8 KG hand luggage?


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