{Fashion} The Teal Fever

Teal Fever

Happy Monday and welcome to May, I can not believe we already in the first proper week of May. Happy Bank Holiday to my fellow UK peeps hope you having a nice long weekend. I am still in Seoul, Korea and loving it though I may or may not be experiencing a little bit of heat rash but who cares its warm and definitely not cold. For the last couple of months now I have been loving anything Teal coloured, I did not realise how much until today when I looked at my now two favourite items I bought here in Korea from a street boutique and that is a beautiful Teal  cross body bag and Teal coloured watch, both were 10,000won (roughly £6).

I am still working on the currency exchange rate but last time I checked £1 is equivalent to 1,634.65 ($1.5) which is obviously working in my favour the rate being so low.

I am loving this beautiful country and will definitely share as soon as I get back.

Back to my teal obsession, I had actually bought two tops for my holiday and it turns out they were both teal coloured and I didn’t even realise it. I thought today I share a teal inspired outfit and I hope you like it.

AJD Fashion
Happy Monday everyone and good wishes for May.