Hi there and welcome to week eight of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly {GBU}, so much as happened in May already that I am feeling overwhelmed and we not even at the half point yet. This week marked my return to work after my vacation to Korea so I am a bit wobbly and trying to re-live my vacation through my photos and the knowledge that I am heading back in a few months time. I am thinking of May as the mother of all busy schedules because from now on wards it’s busy busy until I can’t scream no more.

Let’s get down to business.

The Good

This weekend I am attending my future sister-in-law’s Hen party, I do not know what happens at Hen parties or what you supposed to take but I am looking forward to the spa that has been reserved for this day.

I have less than 6 days today until I move into my apartment, the excitement is contagious. I can not believe it, I have been waiting to move for the longest time.

As one of my goals is to meet up with my friends as often as I can I met up with my good friend M and had such a lovely catch-up.

A company I worked with a few weeks back sent me some cute items for my new place, I will share them soon but they are gorgeous and exactly what I needed.

The gazillion parcels on my desk at work made me happy and a bit sad at the same time, I definitely love receiving parcels but some have work attached to them lol.

The Bad

Nothing bad bad per se but that horrid feeling after having such nice and wonderful holidays. I have the holiday blues  big time.

Work-load is murder, even though I got back to work last week Friday and did some work, the e-mails keep piling up and then I have the blog things to deal with.

I am grateful but I am also human, I feel like I can not seem to catch-up with the reviews and sponsored posts. I really do need to work on saying no.

The Ugly

Again nothing ugly per se but got really hacked off with some people contacting me to work with me then demanding I reduce my fees lower than the generous discount I gave. I love working with companies but some people forget it takes a lot to run a blog and always have engaging content for the readers. I wrote the Sponsorship page and Disclosure on main page for a reason. Bloggers are humans too and 99% of us really do our own work with no help whatsoever.

This is how my week has been, how has your week been? Anyone trying to take advantage of you as a blogger?