Phew! What a month it has been, can you believe we already doing week ten of The Happening the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I can not believe this is the final week of May, I can not believe its been 3 weeks since my last holiday and I know it seems short but when you don’t take many holidays as often as I would like it’s a struggle when you do get a chance to get back to normal.

So here is the update since last Thursday

The Good

My brother finally tied the knot with his love, it was such a beautiful ceremony. It made me want to get married on the spot, my little brother is all grown now and the speech he made OMG we were all in tears at the end of it.

2015-05-23 10.36.08

For the wedding/bank holiday weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my nephew, I spent more time with him in those few days than I have his entire life. Happiest few days ever.

Last week I had mentioned that I had moved into my first ever apartment, I am loving the apartment life and enjoying decorating my crib putting my stump on it.

Keeping up with apartment talk, I finally managed to buy me a Samsung TV from Argos at a great price I am loving it.

The Bad

Though I am definitely loving the apartment life I underestimated how much stress, time and money it takes to start from scratch.

I do not think my priorities are set straight, I have bought a TV but not a sofa nor a bed. Sleeping on an air bed is starting to really get on my nerves.

I got offered a really nice item to review but I am being told I have to return it after review when in original offer there was no such talk. This  honestly has gotten on my nerves so playing ignorant at the moment.

The Ugly

Without further in the house nor a bed I am sitting on the floor too much that my entire body is aching. I am yet to find a part of my body that is not in some sort of pain.

So that’s how my week has been, how has your week been?