goodness in one hit

So this week has come and is almost done, its been one heck of a week and though I can not say I have had any ugly stuff happen I am just so mentally tired it’s getting on my nerves. I am happy that tomorrow I will be jetting off to Brussels for my personal weekend getaway, I can not wait to see the weekend and enjoy it in another country.

So this week the Good the Bad and the Ugly went as follows

The Good

Over the weekend my sister and I went to Brighton for our sisterly weekend getaway where I had the opportunity to review Travelodge Brighton, it was fun.

I received a bunch of lovely products to review and I am so excited.

Though in pain my T-25 has started to pay off I am so happy.

The Bad

I work 9-5 but lately have been working 8am till 10pm leaving me no time to blog nor relax

My fatigue does not seem to be disappearing and the pain from T-25 is still present

I am running behind in everything blogging related and it’s getting me all stressed.

The Ugly


That has been my week so far, how has your week been? Done anything fun?

How do you manage stress?