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Its been a long time without you my friend, I never thought I would see you again – this was me speaking to a glass of Echo Falls Summer Berries wine at home. I know it’s not Friday yet but honey, it is close enough. I feel like for the last few weeks I have been needing something to ease me down gently and I am sorry but not sorry if that makes me sound like an alcoholic. I have been feeling very fatigued, very lazy and really couldn’t care less. I did not know exactly what I wanted and maybe it’s not at the bottle of the wine bottle but at least it felt good at the start of it.

Any way down to the wine for this week

The Good

Last week I had a good chat with a friend and I mentioned to her that I wanted to go on holiday before my big holiday in 6 weeks and I had not shut up about it since so to make sure I do not back out or change my mind I have booked me a weekend getaway to Brussels next weekend.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going down to Brighton for a weekend getaway and also for me to review the new travelodge hotel. We have been given a two night stay so excited and honoured.

Tomorrow marks 1 month exactly since I moved into my apartment but since I will be travelling down to Brighton I thought Wednesday/Thursday are the best days to celebrate the 1 month stay with echo falls wine.

Don’t you just love getting post (except bills) I got loads of post last week and this week full of things to review

The Bad

Though it is awesome to have so many things to review I am finding myself short on time with me working full time job then blogging I am using up all the 24 hours in a day to get things done.

Mother natured called, I answered but at least I have my wine.

T-25 has been killing me for the last 2 weeks but I need the beach body so I have got to pull through.

The Ugly

None, life is as should be can not complain.

How has your week been?