Afternoon Tea

Hi there and welcome to the happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly, I hope you’ve had an amazing week and can not wait for Friday to get here already or is it just me? Since last Thursday I have been so tired and feeling a bit unwell but I am soldering through it.

So down to business

Enjoyed some lovely #hotchocolate on #thistlebustour

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The Good

Last week in the GBU ELEVEN I mentioned I has been invited to London by Thistle Hotels via Joe’s Blogs to attend the “Afternoon tea tour bus” in London. The tour took us from London eye and went around the famous London icon places like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Oxford street then back to London eye. It was such a lovely afternoon spent with fellow bloggers enjoying some afternoon tea and hardly even sightseeing due to the beauties that were the afternoon tea accompaniments.

On Saturday I had gone to Oxford with my sister for what she calls “A spot of afternoon tea” which ended up costing me £30, that is some expensive tea.

I received £100 worth of love 2 shop vouchers from my energy supplies and I am pretty happy about it if I am honest as I used part of it yesterday to purchase some more furniture for my apartment.

A week today I started T-25 and boy am Isore but happy to be seeing some change in me. I will be giving an update on my 2nd blog The Myrabev Life.

The Bad

Though starting T-25 has been awesome I am also in more pain that I could have ever imagined and I guess its true what they say, beauty is pain.

Again happy that I bought more furniture for my new place but I had to assemble it myself which took forever and since everything hurts from T-25 it was a nightmare.

My 9-5 feels like it’s killing me, God knows I love that job but I am ever so tired and end up working even after I had finished for the day and I am home.

I shared in my spot of afternoon tea post on Monday that whilst me and my sister where cueing up in costa some woman came in and literally stole packed cake and walked away, it shocked me big time.

I have given myself a very bad back and boy does it hurt, I know having a new bed can be an attribute to why every time my head hits the pillow I am dead until morning and I know I should be thankful that I do not have insomnia but insomnia was sometimes a safety next to check properly my house before bed but now I sleep with a lot of things open like my door which is not on.

The Ugly

On Tuesday I felt so sick that I couldn’t go into the office but I still had to work from home due to deadlines and meetings. I am still a bit down and half the time my head is foggy but got so much to do. I am planning to use this weekend as my ‘me time’. No blogging, no visiting people, no calls  just nothing except me and my TV.

This has been my last 7 days, how has yours been?