{Fashion Monday} IT’s A Shorts Life

Summer is well underway and I couldn’t be happier, I am a summer baby so for me I enjoy it to the max even when these days too much sun (23 degrees and above) is giving me heat rush which for the life of me can not understand. I lived in one of the hottest country in southern hemisphere for 16 years and only experienced heat rush once and come to the northern hemisphere and get acclimatized to the cold and now any heat is too much. Anyway that’s that, it will definitely not stop me from enjoying the summer and spend time in it.

Short life


When I was packing for my mini getaways to Brighton, to Brussels even to France I realised how much I missed wearing shorts. Living in the UK you’re always on the look out for the worst weather and also working 9-5 in an office I do not feel 1) it’s appropriate for me to wear shorts and 2) even if I did it would be a waste as I am couped up inside until I finish work and most times by then the sun had done a runner. So I thought when home and outside work I will be making the most of wearing shorts. I have so many different types of shorts and the ones I have in abundance are the denim shorts and not enough floral or patterned ones so this summer I am buying a few floral shorts to add to my collection and already rocking the ones I got recently.

Do you like to wear shorts? Which are your favourite?

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