{Fashion} Summer Lusting

Summer 2015 Lusting

It is no secret to those who know me how much I love shopping, if I could I would shop until I dropped. I have confessed several times on The Myrabev Life the reasons why I got into debt and shopping is and was one of those reasons. It has taken a very long time for me to realise that my father’s saying where all true “Beautiful things will always be around and even more beautiful things will be created just when you are able to afford it”. As a child this honestly used to piss me off I won’t even sugar coat it, I absolutely hated it when he said that but long and behold in 2015 there are so many beautiful things that didn’t even exist gazillions years ago (that’s how it feels now). The beauty about fashion which I have honestly only pointed my attention to is the fact that it never dies, so many 70’s 80’s looks are all back in stock, so much recycling happens in Fashion and I never appreciated this then.

Now as an adult there certain items I see and think yes I need to have this in my life, some if I am honest I can do without and some I really can not. But what is one to do when one can not afford to buy the Fashion piece there and then? Well I have an answer for you my lovelies, one can always (1) wait for the sales, (2) save up monthly for the unexpected that can not be missed.

Which is more likely to happen in your case?

For me it is probably waiting for the sales, but I know I can not always be running to my favourite stores and check if the item is on sale instead I can check out websites like Fashionbeans or Groupon even the store’s own website where all the sales you can think of are listed.



I love a good bargain more than the next person so these days after my bills have been paid and nothing is lurking in the shadows I try to check out as many discount code stores to grab myself an amazing bargain. For the rare occasions when I get a chance to visit the stops I have certain days which I know I will grab a bargain and those are days 7 – 14 and 20 – 24. Many people who know me have asked why those days and it’s simple no one gets paid on those days unless you get paid weekly ego many stores have ridiculous sales when no one has money.

What are your tops tips or websites to visit for a good bargain?
What are you lusting for this summer?