Hi there and welcome! This week’s GBU (the Good the Bad and the Ugly) will be shorter than usual and not because nothing happened but because I chose to be lazy than to do anything, I have been feeling so overwhelmed the last couple of months and now that I finally have an assistant at work I feel like I need an assistant with my blog too. I know this fatigue of mine is because I had to cancel the mini getaways I had planned for this month and I am yet to escape to my vacation for the summer. Anyway, such is life and no point dwelling on it but reflecting is allowed and moving forward is encouraged in these parts.

So let’s get down to it

The Good

My little sister graduated last week thursday, I am so proud of her and very proud of my parents. Now all my parent’s children (me, my brother and sister) are all university graduates.

My parents got some really really awesome news this week as well, it’s been a great feeling having all of these wonderful things happening to my family.

More blog opportunities have come my way this month <– this is both good and bad

Yesterday I received a lovely gift card from a client I worked with on the blog. It was a nice surprise and can not wait to use it for my holiday

The Bad

The awesome blog opportunities have caught me at a bad time but I am pulling myself up and keeping up with my deadlines.

Went to the dentist last weekend so had to cancel my mini break to France so gutted.

Fatigue got me big time, I think this is becoming a pattern. Last year around this time I wrote a post on how July carried June Fatigue.

The Ugly

I mentioned I went to the dentist last weekend, I sat in the dentist chair for less than 5 minutes before he said ” Your appointment is only 15 minutes so come back next weekend so we can do a filling for your tooth instead of today”. I was there already and there was no reason he couldn’t do my filling that day he just couldn’t be bothered. ANNOYED ME AS HELL.

So!!! How was your week?