Hi there and welcome to The Happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly oh and welcome to July. I am still in shock with how fast 2015 is moving along but then again I have been having so much fun so I guess I do not mind. This month is a special month for me because it is my birthday month as well as my 2nd blogavesary for A July Dreamer. Unfortunately my birthday is next week Tuesday and I will be working (from home) but still sucks and I do not want to waste any holiday days. Anyway, I feel like so much has happened since my last update of GBU so here is the low down.

The Good

I went to Brussels last week Friday, I took it as half day at work then went with Eurostar train to Belgium via Lyon France. It was a pleasant experience, it was my first time both on the Eurostar and in Brussels and I can not wait to go back.

As part of my July goals and since it is such a special month for me I have decided to have 2 mini weekends abroad and 2 in the UK. I have booked Athens for one weekend and then I have booked this coming weekend too so leaves me with 2 weeks to book something.


My blog earnings are sponsoring my mini getaways so happy as I guess I fell asleep when my mother was teaching me about being an adult and what kind of responsibilities and bills came with that.

Finally managed to get registered with a dentist, I got a nasty surprise last night when I was rudely awoken by the pain in the back on my mouth not sure if its wisdom teeth or another cavity.

I think I have got my blogging mojo back as I have managed to do more posts than usual and hope it continues.

Yesterday we experienced our first heat wave of the summer, mind you in the UK anything about 23 degrees Celsius is a heatwave and we reached category 3. I couldn’t bloody sleep due to the heat and tooth ache.

The Bad

As I mentioned above I was rudely awoken the other night with a very painful back tooth, I have not seen my dentist in over 2 years going on 3 and I am sure my mouth really needs the dentist. I am currently dosed with pain killers as they can not squeeze me in until Friday.

As much as I am enjoying the warm weather I am also struggling as I am constantly sweating and can not sleep plus my good friend heat rush has started to present it’s ugly head.

I am still snowed under at work so finished at 8pm and I started at 7am.

The Ugly

Tooth ache, nothing more painful (at least so far in my life)

So this is my update for the last week, how has your week being? Have you got anything planned for the weekend?

Happy Canadian Day and 4th July to my Canadian and American friends/readers/bloggers