{GBU} The Happening Week SEVETEEN



Hi there and welcome to another wonderful of the happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly. July so far seems to look like such an amazing month for me and I can not honestly complain. I don’t know if it’s because the lord added another year to my life or something else but I have become the “I don’t care anymore” and live life for the moment type of person. There is so much bad in the world but there is also so much good that outweighs the bad.

So let’s get down to the update

The Good

Last weekend we went to Brighton beach where I caught up with a lot of people, it was such a nice feeling being surrounded by friends.

Finally got some pictures from my brother’s wedding, the one above is me and my brother.

Being planning more weekend getaways, which is fun can not wait to go.

Planning my next weekend getaway with M to Paris, I am so excited to be going with someone.

The Bad

PMS, for the life of me I feel like world war 3 will start from inside me..maybe exaggerating a bit but well am a woman

Tooth ache, the feel that my mouth has another cavity is driving me insane. I can not wait to see the dentist his weekend.

A company sent me products to review and the delivery company left them with my neighbor 3 doors down the road with no message from the delivery company nor the neighbour. The company contacted me to check if I had got the package am busy insisting they did not send it and they have record saying it was delivered, we finally check the signature its not mine but my so called neighbour. This really pissed me off big time.

The Ugly

None, ain’t that just great?

How has your week been? Do anything fun?