{GBU} The Happening Week Sixteen 

What a week it has been, firstly we already in July and secondly I celebrated two birthdays: my 28th and my 2nd blogavesary for A July Dreamer. Where is the time running off to? It still does feel like yesterday we were celebrating 1st of January 2015 now it’s 9th July already. It’s like blink and you lose kind of game.

So let’s get down to this weeks GBU

The Good 

Last weekend was the first weekend in July and as I mentioned in my July goals I will be taking weekends for this month as my little getaways so for the weekend I met up with a good friend for a good old catch.

Sunday I practiced the art of taking time out and enjoying myself. I am not getting any younger so I am taking life in a stride.

Tuesday was my birthday obviously, I was working which sucked but was working from home and I bought me some cake some wine and salmon. I needed to celebrate me.

Wednesday I celebrated 2nd blogavesary and I felt instead of recapping the last 2 years I just write a financial report for a July dreamer for 2015 so far.

The Bad

On Saturday, I finally went to the dentist and he told me I have problems like I didn’t know that already. So I had two fillings done and going back this weekend for thorough examination. He said I might need extraction

The Ugly

Nothing, my birthday week so I should hope it stays that way.

How has your week been? Do anything fun?

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