2015 monthly goals {August}

Every time a new month rolls in I am feeling as if I did not fully enjoy the month that has ended but when I sit down and look at all my GBU posts I realise that I am in fact mistaken because so much happens every single month and my documenting my weekly happenings has helped me appreciate the good stuff more. This is not to say I did not have any bad stuff or ugly stuff happen in the month I just chose not to focus on it and only focus on what has made me happy. I will say this though, every good, bad and ugly stuff that happens in life shapes us but does not make us who we are, we all have free will to choose our paths.

Last month I shared a few goals which I will be honest have not looked at so not sure if I have completed them or not but let’s see what I shared last month.

sisterly love


Weekend Getaways – July is my birthday Monday and it is also my blogavesary month, so instead of hosting a giveaway or detail my blogging journey I will be treating myself to TWO home weekend getaway and TWO abroad weekend getaway this month. PASS – I went to Brussels, a road trip across Europe and I visited Brighton and Dover.

Me Time – I know this is silly especially since my first goal for July is weekend getaways but I really need to make some time for me and I mean some much needed me time. It was awesome to find myself in Brussels, a city I had never been to and knew no one. Somehow it was liberating and I want to continue doing this. PASS – Whilst in Brussels, in Lithuania and in my own home.

Make time for Friends – Its crazy that I even need to write it down but honestly I am becoming the worst friend ever, apart from my BF in Korea who I chat with daily and M I hardly talk to my friends so I need to make time. PASS – I managed to stay in touch with some of my old friends which was nice but I can do better and started working on it already.

Blog Sponsorship – May and June saw me actually get back some profit from blogging, I want to continue this and I am making it my next goal for the blog. PARTIAL – July I spent more time traveling, looking after me that I neglected my blog. I did get some sponsorship but nothing compared to May and June.

T-25 – I am in week three of Alpha phase and I can already seem some change in my body, I want to make sure I complete Alpha and progress to Beta with noticeable results. FAILED – I completed ALPHA phase and has noticed results then I slacked and did not even start BETA and now am back to square one.


I am an advocate for ensuring that any failed goals from previous time you move them to the next month but I will not kid myself as I am not feeling T-25 so I will not put as a goal but will remind myself daily to do it for myself.

The goals for August are as follows:

  1. Read 4 books – I have not read a book since March, I have been slacking big time. I absolutely love reading but put this on a back burner for far too long.
  2. Spend time with family – funny that I even have to document this but I have not seen my parents for over a month now and we only live 2 hours apart. I have my many excuses handy but I need to make time.
  3. Reconnect with old friends – Again funny I have to document this but in this busy day and age I seem to need to be reminded of the norm.
  4. Blog schedule –  I need to recreate my blog schedule, I am not the greatest blog around but I functioned better when I had a schedule to go by.
  5. Blog posts – Do equal amounts sponsored and equal howto, tips, fashions etc. I am feeling as though I am losing myself in all these sponsored posts. Don’t get me wrong am grateful but I feel I am losing the reason I started blogging.

These are all the goals I want to achieve for the month of August, this is also another special month in my family. Today is my sister’s 23rd birthday, can not believe how grown she is but we thank God for another year and many more.

What are some of the goals you have for this month?

How did you do last month?