Hi there and welcome to week twenty one of the The Happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly {GBU}. It’s funny to think we almost halfway into August when it just started. 2015 for me is certainly moving really fast and honestly I do like it like this as even though it’s moving too fast I have been appreciating each day as it comes and loving all the things that I have been able to accomplish so far.

Not to flog a dead horse but down to business

The Good

Last week Saturday was my sister’s birthday so she asked if she could borrow my apartment for the weekend, basically she kicked me out of my own place so I had to find somewhere to go and I went to Boo’s place.

I have been talking a lot about taking some time out and just chillaxing so Saturday presented itself to be just that, Boo is still away but I was able to stay at his place and just do NOTHING like nothing. I had a lot of me time and I do feel a bit refreshed.

Sunday my sister told me she was going to stay over and had a nice evening (she cooked) and I made her sleep on the sofa bed whilst I enjoyed my own bed 🙂

The Bad

Mother nature called and I answered, I can not tell you how annoying and painful this is for me, I know every woman finds their own rhythm but it does not look like I ever will. I have taken all the pain killers known to man and after a couple months they all stop working. Maybe Boo is right I should go back to exercising (hahaha) nah 🙂 maybe.

The Ugly

Other people’s incompetence and that’s all I am saying.

How has your week been so far? Do anything exciting?