Can you believe that I have now been doing this series for twenty weeks, I certainly can not believe it. I had started this series as a way to document every Good, every thing Bad and also the Uglies of life. We almost always get side tracked by the unpleasantness of the world that we forget to look at all the wonderful things that are happening or are in our lives. I have noticed since starting this series that even the Bad and Uglies that happen in my life they are honestly not as bad as they may seem sometimes they are just the blessing in disguise that I needed. Today I wanted to truly welcome you all to this series The Happening: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly also known as GBU series.

Now down to the basics.

The Good

So after months of suffering with my Lumia phone I decided to call up my network provider Vodafone to see if I can upgrade earlier than early and luckily for me they said yes. I got myself an iPhone 6 plus in Gold colour, I am absolutely loving this phone.

Continuing on the phone talk, I got myself two phone covers because well why not. I needed to treat myself and I thought how about a new phone case for my new phone. You can grab either of the phone cases HERE and HERE.

Continuing on the treating myself trend, I splashed a little bit in new look yesterday and getting my delivery today. I really needed a new office wear wardrobe though couldn’t help adding in a good pair of skin ripped jeans.

I couldn’t be bothered to cook anything this week so decided to do a simple burger with my african bread which I got from the new african store in my town.


 Bought to much dozen mixed fruit so I spent the last 4 days making smoothies for breakfast and made this one yesterday it was so yummy.

The Bad

I had such a bad tummy monday night after work I thought I was going to die :(, I still do not know what caused it and I know my PMS is a few days away. I had never had pain like that before and if I had the neurons meant to remember did not pass on the information and they are all dead in my brain 🙁

With Bad tummy decided to work from Home Tuesday and still had such an annoying tummy at least better than monday, the only good thing that happened was my phone arrived.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with my hair but I am losing the plot and considering cutting it but lord forgive me but I do not have a shapely head that would suit no hair. 🙁

The Ugly

I thought my tummy hurting was the ugly but nope once it passed it was like it didn’t even happen. No uglies this week.

How has your week been so far? Anything exciting happening or happened?