ok! So where did July go and how come we are now in August?

What is happening to 2015? Why is it in such a hurry?

Just last week I was thinking to myself how fast the year is flying by but how grateful I am for all the things that I have been able to experience. I am more than grateful for all that I have, for all that I do not have and for all that I will have. The future has never looked more brighter than the way 2015 has made it seem.

I would very much love to do a recap of the year so far but maybe that will be done in another post. Can you believe that I am already doing week TWENTY of The Happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly series? I can not believe it but I am so grateful to all that read this blog and support it always.

Getting down to last weeks happeningsLithuania 2010

The Good

I mentioned last week that Boo and I drove 28+ hours from UK to Lithuania, it was such a long journey though I spent majority of it sleeping whilst boo drove but when I wasn’t sleep boo and I were catching up on the match needed time alone we’d been needing for a long time now.

I stayed in Lithuania for almost 5 days and boo made sure it was the best 5 days ever, he took me ice skating which I have never done before in my life – let me be honest I held on to the rail the entire time even with boo holding me whilst I attempted to stake.

Whilst in Lithuania boo took me go karting, boy am I glad I went. I had never go karted before unless you include the carnival little cars. I spent the first 2 minutes of our 10 minutes braking than accelerating and biting my gums until they bleed then the remainder 8 I spent it chasing boo on the track it was awesome and I came last.

One of the days it was really hot so we went to Trakai such a beautiful historic place in Lithuania and went rowing, this was my second time visiting Trakai and 2nd time rowing too.

The Bad

Boo is staying another week in Lithuania and I had to fly back Monday for work I was so distraught, I know I miss him but this was the first time I felt like life was unfair 🙁

The entire time I was in Lithuania I did not take one picture, boo took lots but he said there his for the viewing. So I have no pictures to share with you of the awesome country Lithuania really is except for the one above of me in 2010. Boo took a pic of me on the highest point in Kaunas, this year we visited this same area again but at night for night view

The Ugly

None – thank God. Life is as should be.

How has your week been so far?