{Lifestyle} Running Essentials 

Running used to be such an essential part of my life a few years back. When I joined a pharma company for my university placement years back I met a bunch of people who used to go running every day at lunch time. I was not totally convinced so one day I decided to give it a try and yes you guessed it, it was painful and I was so out of breath and my feet bloody hurt. I sat down with one of the group instructors who told me I needed better trainers for running, better workout clothes (apparently leggings weren’t it 😂), running belt and water (😜). Obviously this hit a nerve but I was determined and had motivators (myself plus the cute dude in tight shorts didn’t hurt either) which kept me going back.

I believe I have an ok weight and an ok size (10-12) but I know I need to tone up to lose the excess weight, I do not wish to be slimmer just toned overall. Running and home exercises used to be my go to types of workout but now with summer blues eating me up and working 9-5 I am always too tired to do either but that does not mean you can’t or should try running out.

I was sent the running belt by Run Baby in old to facilitate this review, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% my own.

The running belt is small and light, it has a buckle which can be loosed or tightened depending on your body size. It’s very soft and you can pack you keys, cards and even phone in the insert pocket in front. I do not run anymore but was doing home exercises and wore the belt, nothing fell out so you can be comforted knowing during your run either at home or gym you won’t lose anything. I love the design and now snuggly it fits around my waist and because the belt I was sent came in black you can wear it with any workout clothes.

I definitely love the product and happy to recommend to runners and also potential runners.

Are you a runner? Do you use running belts to have hand free running?

Disclaimer: I am not a professional runner but a leisurely one who runs when it suits the mood so the essential items listed are what has worked for me.