{Sponsors} Thank you August 2015 sponsors

My sweet sweet August, where art thou gone! You were such an amazing month for me, you started us off with lil sister celebrating her 23rd birthday and you have ended us with a good friend celebrating her 26th birthday.


What a month it has been it has been, its hard to believe that August is gone and tomorrow is September. Though hard to believe I am actually very happy that September is here because now I can finally go on my vacation which I had put off for months because I was snowed under at work and now that I have an assistant bring on the cocktails monsieur. Don’t you just hate it when you have so much work to do that you have no time to take some personal time off? Well I was in that state of annoyance but now really looking forward to my holidays, not sure yet what am doing but I can tell you one thing for sure it will be fun.

August really offered me a lot of sponsors, some whom I am yet to complete the work with and come who was a pleasure to work with. To thank all the sponsors that graced this blog in some shape or form I thought I give a shout out to them.

Thermalabs ~ The Golden standard self tanner: I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the company via tomoson to review their product. I have never used tanning lotion before and being of African decent I never thought I needed it but still I was curious and wanted to check the product out. I was sent the product to review and as I mentioned in my review I actually liked the product. Thermalabs are currently having a huge sale on this product for $19.98 (was $39.99), the product is 90% natural and has shea butter as well as olive oil which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Wool Overs: I have for a long time loved cashmere but could never really afford it or justify the expense on my then student budget and currently trying to pay off my student debt. I was selected a while back by the company to check out their site and some of their products and I must say I am very happy I did because I actually found affordable cashmere from a well trusted company which offers a great service.

Three mobile ~ Festival Pack: I was contacted by a PR end of June to see if I wanted to work with Three on their #makeitright campaign. I was very happy about this as some of my family members are loyal customers of Three network and was very happy about the #makeitright campaign that three was doing. Three has a new App called Three Rescue which basically backs up your photos and should you lose or damage your mobile you would still be able to recover the photos. I was very happy with the festival pack they sent me which contained phone protection items like water proof case, they also included a selfie stick naked Jackson, x-mini speakers, water and other essential items.

Through out the month I had an opportunity to work with guest blogger who shared Helpful tips when choosing an engagement ring, things that give life a summer vibe, Tips on hiring a video production company and also the power of sympathy gifts. Many of us picked up a lot of tips on these posts as evidenced by the comments shared on these post. I was also happy to collaborate with Icelolly.com to bring you my top tips on booking flights.

Thank you to all my sponsors, guest posts and collaborations.