{Travel} Top 5 tips for road trips

road trip tips

Summertime is best known for its wonderful weather, cocktails, mocktails, ice lollies and the list goes on but does not end unless you include road trips. I have never been a fan of road tips because I have a small bladder and any amount of liquid I drink equals 2 visits to the loo or its trouble for me. So imagine my surprise when boo invited me along his road trip across Europe, I obviously accepted and was very happy as I was not going to let this ruin my time with boo. Our road trip from UK to LT lasted over 28 hours, this is one of the longest I have done in my life, I think the last longest was around 20 or less hours driving from ZM to MW a few years back.

I have done a few road trips in my time but I will honestly say none of them had taught me much compared to my recent 28 hour plus one. Today’s post I wanted to share top 5 tips for road trips which I think could be handy for those planning on going on road trips this summer or any time in the year.

Luggage – the beauty about road trip travel is that you can pack as little or as much as you want dependant on the car size. It’s awesome way to travel because there is little to no restrictions on size of your products i.e. face or body products. But my tip is carry the following in an easy to access bag either in front seat with you or back seat: Wipes (All purpose wise for the body), toothbrush and paste, face cloth, bottle of water, plastic cup and face cloth.

Road Trip tips


Snacks – Again another beauty about road trips is that you can pack as many snacks as you want. Boo and I knew driving through Europe everything is so expensive since the Gas stations are so far away from supermarkets so we decided to pack enough food to feed a small village. I recommend packing the following foods/snacks: Energy bars and drinks, fruits like Bananas, chicken nuggets (even adults like us love these), chocolates (cookies are allowed) and most importantly water. I know me and water don’t mix but during that long road trip you will get dehydrated so it is important to keep hydrated with water and energy drinks to keep you boosted and awake.

Wear comfy clothes – This is a tip from boo, I personally was not too bothered but I am grateful he suggested it. I suggest getting as comfy as you can possibly get, I wore shorts and loose top. No jewellery as I would not recommend it as your digits get swollen. I also wore open comfy flats which I highly recommend as nothing is worse than swollen feet for some this could leave to DVT for lack of movement on long trips.

Neck pillows & Blankets – We knew we would be travelling most of the night so it made sense for us to carry neck pillows and blankets (mostly for me). I slept during the night and Boo slept during the day for quick power naps and our pillows/blankets came in handy. Plus don’t forget your eye mask, this is God sent for sleeping during the day. Boo enjoyed his eye masks big time probably more than me.

First Aid kit  – Most people do not realise the importance of having a first aid kit in the car, this is not only for you and your family/friends it’s also for whom ever you could be in the position to help. Now that I am first aid trained I know it is handy to have the first aid items on me on the time. Apart from your usual first aid box content I add in pain killers and for us ladies if not in your handbag I put some pads in the first aid box too. During our road trip Boo started to suffer from headaches it was handy that I had the pain killers and the water that you should always have on you when traveling.

These are some of the road trip tips I wanted to share, what are some of yours?

Do you like road trips? 🙂