{Travel} Best Travel Sites

I know lately around these parts have been posting a lot about travel and honestly I can not seem to stop, I absolutely love it and thought what better way than to share my love with my readers I mean I share everything else so why not this. I have spoken about it on here and The Myrabev Life how 2014 as a whole sucked for me, I also shared how I decided that 2015 no matter what would be different and one of those decisions was traveling. I did some traveling Last year I went to Munich, Germany with my family and to Zambia alone (my first solo trip ever). I realised that this is the type for me to do what I always wanted to do but couldn’t due to financial constraints and that is traveling so this year I will share (already started in April) more travel posts than any other year. When I traveled to Zambia last year alone, I was both terrified and exhilarated. This was something had never done before but was happy to overcome my fears and live in the moment and boy am I glad I did because since then I have made 2 more solo trips but this time to lands have never been to and didn’t speak the language. Anyway, in my quest to continue traveling to as many places as possible this year I think I have narrowed it down to the best travel sites (this is my opinion).


  • Skyscanner  – I mentioned this in my post a few days ago but I absolutely love this travel site, I have found more deals in one place than I care to mention. When I made the decision to go visit my friend in south Korea I was so overwhelmed with things to do and one thing I did not want to worry about was my booking of flights so having already been introduced to skyscanner many months before I knew where to go. First thing you notice is how easy this site is to navigate, how many airline options you get and the fact that its free no hidden charges or fees. I love that I can search for any flight/destination and there is always an answer and if not direct flights they have connection options, how cool is that? You can search for flights, hotels and car hires in whatever currency you want. It truly is one of the best sites I have come across,

  • Kayak – I will be frank and say I have not used this site as much as I have used skyscanner but I have used it enough to state that it is a good site and works just as good as skyscanner. What I noticed about this site is it detects your location and determines your country’s currency, I sit in the UK but work off US servers so everything thinks I am in the states even when am not so it detected where the server was and assumed that’s where I was. I decided to search for flights to Vilnius for the time am thinking of traveling and compared to skyscanner results and the conversion is roughly the same. The desktop view of the website is very clean and clutter free which I like, you can book flights, hotels, car hire and/or flights with hotel deals <– so cool. I have not fully booked with them before so not sure if they charge when redirecting you to the airline of your choice.
  • Ice lolly – The first thing I noticed about this site is how busy and colourful it was, because I knew what I wanted to check (A trip to Spain anyone?) I jumped right into it. I found it easy to book, not bad on navigation and the site really has so many deals but I think they have limited destinations compared to Skyscanner and Kayak. I couldn’t find any flights for popular towns in Lithuania but then again Lithuania is not exactly on the top destinations list, the popular destinations are there but not so popular are not.

  • Expedia – I will start by saying I love the phone version of the expedia website because the desktop view is just too busy for me, there are just so many things going on. I love that they have plenty of deals but like Ice lolly do not have most ‘non-popular’ destinations. I love with them you can book anything from city breaks to beach getaways or just a flight which I think is one of the main attractions of this site. Another to note is that not all flights and deals booked via this site are ATOL covered obviously you want a flight that is covered so always be on the look out even from the sites above.


I am sure there are many other travel booking websites out there but for me these are some that I check before I check the airline themselves. Searching for a deal shouldn’t take you all day or cost you an arm and a leg, it should be easy and it should be fun.

Do you have any holiday plans or traveling anywhere soon?