{Sponsors} Thank you September 2015 Sponsors


Whenever I start to write these posts at the end of the month I am always in awe of how far this blog has come and I always think of how much I should do to maintain and help it grow. Though I am trying not to compare my beginning to someone’s middle, compared to others my blog and it’s growth is just a drop in the ocean but regardless for me this is such a great achievement that I do not take for granted. Thanking my sponsors monthly for me is another way of expressing my gratitude to all who read and to all who sponsor this blog.

My daily readers will have noticed that I hardly blogged in September and that is because I was on vacation for most of it and also because I chose to take sometime out of blogging and just take some time to relax. Regardless I did do one sponsored collaboration and received some products for review which will be shared in the October report. I collaborated with Chic Retreats who specialise in boutique hotels helping you find best hotels to stay in the best of locations plus website is free and easy to use. I shared with you some of my top tips for getting over holiday blues which if I am totally honest I am still feeling right now.

September was one hell of a month for me, I enjoyed my holidays in Korea and Japan then to come back to gazillion emails and no motivation for blogging, I felt it was the best time to take a break but as I mentioned above the holiday blues are very much present and this really has messed with my schedule. I plan to take back my life this October and nothing is going to stand in my way.

How was September to for you? Any sponsors, collaborations or anything fun?