Thank you mummy 

This month we celebrated mum’s 50+ birthday, I was not able to join my family to celebrate this occasion but I am thankful to her regardless and though she does not know it yet I will be treating her to something big real soon.

When I was a kid people always used to tell me how I should be like my mum when I grow up. As most kids and parents like know we are all different people at home compared to out in the world. For me most people used to say that to me coincidentally after I had been disciplined for behaving badly so I was always hot-tempered when people said that to me. But then I slowly started to learn that everything my mummy did was for the good of our family, she always put us first in everything and still managed to be herself. I came to a point where I wanted to be (and still do) like my mum. I figured I am her daughter and if she can do the impossible things I can too. My mummy is the strongest person I know, the most loving, the most loyal and most importantly she is my mummy. There are times when I call her or visit home and we’ll laugh for hours because she is just that kind of person. She brought me up to always be happy and I can not think of a moment in my childhood when I was not happy, I will admit not everyday was Christmas but it was pretty damn close.

The dress I am wearing my mummy made, one of her many talents. Aside from being a nurse, she can sew, knit, bake and a great reader. My siblings and I inherited her traits except I missed the sewing and knitting boat 😁. Today I just wanted to say, thank you mummy for all you are and for all you do.