{Beauty} Mirabella Lipsticks

MirabellaOver a year ago now on this very blog I shared with you my new-found love, the Mirabella lipsticks which I scooped from my then monthly beauty subscription box Love Me Beauty (I have since cancelled it). I mentioned how originally I was very skeptical of this lipstick brand as it was new to me and I did not think I would love any lipstick brand more than I love(d) MAC lipsticks.

It’s been over a year now and I am still wearing Mirabella lipsticks in Heat and Fever shades of red. I am still using the same lipstick from last year and it’s not finished yet, granted I do not always wear it daily but in a month I wear it 20 days out of 28. This tells you how good this lipstick is, most people I come across ask me what the brand is and when I tell them they don’t recognise it but I sure recommend it highly. With these two lipsticks I apply once in the morning and never do retouch and it stays on all day with the same intensity, it does transfer onto my mugs when I am having a hot drink onto  my skin when I brush my lips accidentally but even then at the end of the day it still has the intensity of first application which if I am honest still amazes me.

Mirabella heat

Mirabella Fever

I will say my lips do feel a bit dry at the end of the day if I did not apply a lip balm on them before applying the Mirabella lipsticks. I still recommend this brand of lipsticks and for christmas I am thinking of getting myself more from this company in different shades.

Have you ever heard of Mirabella? Have you ever used their products before? What did you think of their lipsticks?