2015 Monthly Goals {December}

Happy 1st of December 2015, in exactly 24 days we will be celebrating Christmas with families and Friends. There are so many people out there who won’t have such an opportunity so it is very important for us to think of them and include them in our prayers. For those who will be traveling during the festive period, please travel safely with God’s mercies.

monthly goals

Welcome to the December goals, I say this every month and I will never tire saying it but why is time flying by so fast. I still feel as though it was just yesterday when I was writing my November goals to share with you my plans. There are so many things I want to do but it seems time is never on my side, well technically it has never been on our side so we need to make sure we live for the moment and be thankful for everyday.

As always with these types of posts, I share with you previous month’s goals and share what I plan for this new month.


  • Blog daily in November – I wanted to join the blog everyday challenge but thought best I do my own thing but still in the same spirit. PARTIAL SUCCESSI blogged during the week but hardly over the weekend.
  • Blog schedule – This time last year I had nailed and perfected the art of blog scheduling but now I do not think I could tell my elbow from my feet. I plan to work on this every weekend. SUCCESS – I managed to schedule posts for 2 weeks at a time which has been awesome and very refreshing as I am not spending every morning or night writing posts.
  • Review all products received – Over the last couple of months has received so many products which I have still not had a chance to review so I plan to do that soon. SUCCESS – I managed to review all products that I was sent and now I am ready to accept review opportunities.
  • Read more – August, September and October I set myself goals to read about 4 books and blog about them but I have failed each time so this time I will just read what I can when I can and if I blog about it great. SUCCESS – I managed to read 2 books working on reading the 3rd which is awesome as I have not been able to read for months now.
  • Buy christmas cards – I know christmas is not too far off so I need to get cards for all the people I need to send to. FAILED – I could not bring myself to buying anything, hoping to do this soon.
  • Socialise more – I am putting this one again because my social skills are disappearing because I spent so much time watching Korea shows, dramas and music that I don’t have time for anything else. This needs to change. FAILED – I did manage to meet up with one friend but honestly nothing.
  • Buy christmas decorations – This is my first apartment, my own place to decorate as I please. I am so excited I can not wait. FAILED – I have not done this yet only because I was broke from booking.


  • Buy christmas decorations – I moved this one too this month because I have to buy decorations for my new apartment.
  • Buy presents – I am ashamed to say I have not bought any presents for anyone in my family not even my mum. I do have some small gifts I bought from the states but nothing else.
  • Plan two holidays – I want to go and have two holidays this month before the year ends, for me it does not matter if it’s in the UK or outside.

I have chosen not to have too many goals this month because I want to spend time with my family and not panicking about not accomplishing some goals before the year ends.

What are your goals for December?



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  1. December 5, 2015 / 10:56 am

    I love the idea of setting monthly goals. I really should take inspiration from you and do it myself. I’m sure I would be far more productive!

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