Buzzoole – Your New Social Network for Influencers

BuzzooleBuzzoole is a new (to me) social network for influencers like you and me also known as a Influencer Marketing Platform.Buzzoole into the New Year

As a blogger it is important to be acquainted with different social networks out there. When I started almost 3 years ago, I did not know anything about social networks nor being a social media influencer. For me all I knew is that I need to write posts and somehow people would stumble upon (no pun intended) my blog and they would read my blog and leave comments. Little did I know that there was more to it than it, I have mentioned before on this blog that as as blogger you’re both the content creator, editor, social media strategist and promoter of your posts. Those who’ve been blogging for a while can testify to the importance of being a social media influencer, yes it does have something to do with your followership but 9/10 it’s more about interaction on your social networks.

I keep talking about ‘social influencers’ but does that even mean? Who and what are social influencers? Social influencers in my own words are a group of people whose opinions about products can sway the public opinion. Social influencers are now bigger than big in the world of marketing, there are so many companies and brands out there that are using social influencers to get word out there about there products. As bloggers, since we talk about a variety of products we become experts on different products. These days people are not just trusting the word of the brand or company, they want someone who has actually tried the product before and shared there experience.

Buzzoole 2

Buzzoole is social network that is working to bring users together, influencers (or bloggers) and brands together to network and be the testers of the latest products on the market. Many brands are using influencers to understand public opinion either before they fully launch their product or revive products or brands already out on the market. I have been using Buzzoole for only a few weeks now and I am loving it, the beauty about using is that you earn points (most social platforms do not offer such incentives) which can be exchanged for amazon gift upto £400 imagine how much damage you can do with £400 in amazon gift cards? the amazon delivery guy would definitely not have you on his christmas card list.

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With Buzzoole every social network you link up allows you to be matched more easily to the different brands that are looking for influencers. I have been matched because of the social networks I have added to my profile to Encore, the Buzzoole referral program, being Buzzoole Ambassador and so far I have earned enough points to get £15 amazon gift card but I am saving it until I reach £50. It is easy to sign up for Buzzole, you can use this link to sign up for an account with Buzzoole or you can watch the video.