{Sponsors} Thank You December 2015 sponsors 

It is that time of the month again (no! not that one 😊😂) where I say thanks to all the awesome sponsors that has graced this blog in the ending month. When I started blogging in 2013 I had no idea that my blog would be getting sponsorship from so many different and amazing sponsors nor did I ever imagine I would have a following. Thank you all my readers, those who started with me and stayed with me, apologies to any I might have lost along the way and a huge welcome to those joining us now.


 As is now tradition for A July Dreamer, I will now share the sponsors and collaborators I have worked with in December 2015. For potential and new sponsors please check my “work with me” page for information on the services offered and fees.

Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet care – I brought you this collaborative post on how to properly fit and take care of your leather bracelets. I was very happy with the response on this article, many people like me had no idea about some of the ways to care for leather bracelets and we learned something new together.

being insecure

Being Insecure – I shared with you my personal experiences with insecurities and an option on what you can do for ‘Physical scars’ etc that you might have insecurities about. You all shared your personal experiences too which really touched me, thank you.

cox and cox

Affordable Decorations – After sharing my inexpensive Christmas decorations post, I then worked with Cox and Cox to bring you affordable decoration pieces from their Christmas Range.


M and M Direct – this collaboration came right on time after I had just finished decluttering my wardrobe and realised I had actually given away almost all of my jeans and had none left. They have some amazing bootcut jeans that are on sale from their christmas selection.

garden lighting ideas

I shared two posts on how lighting for your Garden and Lighting for your home can change the feel of the surrounding. For me it makes sense to have lighting in your garden for security and safety reasons especially those who live in the middle of nowhere. For the home I focused on my bathroom as currently the lighting is not idea and felt an illuminated mirror would do the trick.

Fashion your home

For my Fashion Monday slot, I decided to share with you my idea of Fashioning your Home in collaboration with Fishpools and the assortment of products they have. Currently I am in desperate need of  a tempur pillow as my nephew is suffering big time.

Best Non-Ski Activities For Ski Holidays

Since I am doing the #Take12Trips Travel challenge for the next 12 months, I jumped at an opportunity to bring you Best non-ski activities to do on a ski holiday. Most of my traveling will be in winter and one might be to a ski lodge so this was a welcome collaboration with Iglu ski.

The Perfect Getaway

Another travel related collaboration I did was with Cruise Deals, I had already mentioned on the blog that 2016 is the year that I went on a cruise so what better way than to check out the many deals currently being offered. Obviously to start off I want a short European cruise then maybe later in the year move on to a transatlantic cruise.

VilniusLED light your Christmas, I collaborated with LED Hut who offers different LED lights and currently are on half price sale. I know most people are concerned about how expensive LED lights can be but they are better than normal lights and are an investment.

On the blog today: @kidsbedsonline ideas for your little man/woman's room.  https://www.ajulydreamer.com/2015/12/lifestyle-kids-bedroom-ideas/ #kids #kidsbedroom #bed #bedroom #bedroomdecor #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger

My sister in law and I had an opportunity to collaborate with Kids Beds Online to share with you some ideas for kids bedrooms.

December 2015 has been by far one of the best months of collaboration so far in my almost 3 years of blogging. I have said this before but I did not start out with the idea of earning something from this blog, for me it was an outlet of the new-found freedom, life after university and leaving home.

I am forever grateful to my readers, to the sponsors/collaborators and other bloggers for all the wonderful help and support I have receive since starting this blog.

Here is wishing you a prosperous New year and extending a warm welcome to new & potential sponsors.


You can check out my ‘Work with me‘ page for more information, contact me for a media kit and note starting 1st January 2016 A July Dreamer will be increasing its sponsored/reviewed pricing to account for the tax/paypal fees.