How to travel freshly during winter

What is your worst peeve about traveling during winter aside from the horrid cold weather and the disruptions it causes?

how to travel freshly during winter

One thing I hate about traveling during winter is not entirely the weather but in fact is it the smell of people who either (a) have not bathed because it’s too cold or (b) people who over dress and smell of sweat. It’s bad enough smelling when it’s hot but at least you can have the air con on, but during winter we are all trying to preserve the heat inside so sweat smell lingers longer. How can you avoid being that person who smells due to over dressing?

how to travel freshly during winter

Good deodorant – I am the first person to complain about really powerful (strong) deodorant smell but in winter I certainly welcome these. As a woman I am very conscious about smelling both at home but more so in public so I ensure I am always walking with 24 or 48 hour deodorants protection spray.

Dress warm not Eskimo – anyone who knows me knows I dress like an Eskimo at the best of times but lately have been learning to dress warm and not sweat too much. I do dress snuggly warm but when I enter warmer environments (e.g. from walking to boarding a bus etc) I remove a piece of clothing e.g scarf or if I can’t I just open my jacket up so ventilation can occur and not keep all that heat to myself thereby stopping me from smelling (too much 😁)

Bathe daily – I think this is no brainer but I also know some people this can be a task so I refer you to point #1.

Clean clothes – again another no brainer, avoid clothes that have been in a laundry pile for a while, either spray some deodorant on them or re-wash.

Use scented fabric softener – I got this one from my mum, especially for those of us who sweat lots and give off a smelly scent this would cover your tracks. All my fabric softener and conditioners are scented so if I forget to wear deodorant or perfume at least when I pass you I leave a whiff of the scented fabric softener and not a fishy smell.

These are some of my tips for traveling freshly during winter. As I mentioned above its hard enough to travel in horrid weather, do let smelling be an addition to winter travel peeve.


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