52 weeks ~ week 2

Drum roll please, week two of January 2016 is over and done with. If you think time is moving fast, you’re right because time seems to be cruising and taking no prisoners. I have been really ill in the ending week and honestly I am happy it is over and done with, being ill ain’t fun and the remainder sore throat is annoying me big time.

 Even though I was unwell I managed to go to the office on Monday, Tuesday is my WFH day, I went in Wednesday but only last 2.5 hours and i left because I got too unwell. Thursday I ended up WFH since I did not have any strength to move but Friday I made an effort and went to the office.

The times when I was in the office I managed to continue my bathroom #selfie trend and capture a few pictures. I didn’t take any one Friday as I found myself too busy.

As you can tell from my pictures, it was a grey week for me. I did not even realise that I was picking the grey tops and jackets. But in the trouser department it was variety Monday – Navy Blue, Wednesday – Green and Friday – light blue jeans.