{Beauty} Recent Additions

I have mentioned several times on this blog how rare it is for me to buy beauty products. I have been so blessed that many companies send me products to try out and share my reviews with you all. Saying that I still like to pick up a few items now and again that become essentials at that particular time and this time was no different. I found myself in another country with the worst nails ever, like they were dirty and my nail polish was coming off in all the wrong places at the wrong time. MOH made a comment and I knew I had to go do something about it. I also found myself in another predicament, I had a larger than 100ml bottle of deodorant and you can’t carry that in carry on luggage so I had to leave it at home and had to buy new one when I reached my destination. Let us just assume I had a very troublesome traveling ordeal in the beauty department. Usually I am more organised than this but I had thrown myself into a traveling mayhem and no time to do anything about it except for buying new things at destination. I did have some luck though, my one and only sister in law managed to gift me some Boots No7 eye shadow in sparkly purple and shine & tint glossy gel for my lips.

¬†Knowing my eyes and lips were sorted, I went to Maxima (supermarket in Lithuania) and grabbed some Garnier mineral invisible roll on deodorant bottle which was under 100ml, I had never used Garnier roll on’s before and was not really sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find the one had chosen smelled absolutely heavenly and lasts for over 24 hours. For my nails I did not know what my MIL had in her cupboard so decided best to buy my own stuff and picked up a lovely Maybelline nail polish in red, nail polish remover and some cotton pads to help remove the old nail polish. It is amazing what a new coat of paint on your nails can change the feel and outlook of things. I could not stop looking at my newly painted nails, I love red big time and since it was just in time for Christmas I knew it would be a big hit with MOH and it was (unfortunately he still didn’t propose lol).

What are some of your recent beauty item purchases?

What’s your nail care routine like?