{Fashion Monday} December Fashion Favourites 

Happy New Year. A few weeks ago I shared with you my favourite November Fashion posts and this post hit over 2,000 views  in a few hours of going live (the highest for any post on my blog) which as you can imagine caused a bit of celebration from yours truly. December obviously has been such a busy month that I have not really had a chance to put together enough outfits posts but I will share what I had put together.

Fashion Favourites

I have always mentioned that I am the epitome of dress for comfort and I live by that motto. I do now and again try to add in some style to my outfits but I am not that good at it.


New Year’s Eve and Day outfit ideas – As you know I like to put these outfit ideas together with the perfect weather in mind. Surprising winter has not been too cold this year so I thought wearing shorts and nice sweater/jumper with a beanie would be nice for new year’s Eve. For new year’s Day I thought this beautiful panel dress is exactly what the doctor ordered, obviously a nice warm coat would be idea but like I said ‘ideal weather’ or if you don’t fancy wearing a dress a nice pair of ripped jeans with some wedged heels would be awesome too.

NYE and Day Fashion outfit

Christmas outfit ideas – I love wearing red for Christmas Day but I know not so many people do so I shared an alternative dress one shoulder wine/black dress.

Christmas outfit idea

Fashion your bedroom – Though I always put outfit posts together, sometimes I do like to put together home ideas. I have a new apartment now and I am decorating it in my own right so I shared with you my new bedroom ideas.

Fashion your home

Putting Fashion outfit and home ideas together has been a fun part of 2015 and I can not wait to explore what else I can put together in 2016. I love Fashion but I am not the most Fashionable person in town, I have the eyes for putting outfits together but not always to I wear that and sometimes when I do it does not look exactly like how I imagined.

What do you think of my collection of December Fashion Monday Favourites?

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