Fashion Travel Essentials 

Fashion Travel Essentials is brought to you in conjunction with my love for everything Fashion and my need to buy at least one essential a month.

Fashion Travel Essentials

January has been such busy month for me that I realised I needed certain items to help me with my busy schedule. This gone weekend I went to Prague with a friend, without realising it we had both made secret resolutions to travel as much as possible this year and make it a mission to go somewhere (home or abroad) at least once a month. With so many trips already planned on my end and so many trips so close together I thought it would make sense for me to have items that are my go to and I always have in my travel luggage.

Black pants or trousers ~ main reason I want black pants/trousers is because you can get away with a lot, doesn’t stay easily and can be worn with anything. For my trip to Prague it became handy to have black pants/trousers as I do not exactly pack coordinating colours so it helps to have black pants/trouser for the colour conscience peeps.

White top/jumper – now I do not need to say much, though it’s so easy to stay white it’s also easy to pair with any coloured trousers/pants. I always ensure I have a white top whenever I travel, it can also be a white jumper/sweater to make it easier to pair with a lot of items.

Warm socks – especially with the current weather conditions it is a must to have warm socks. When we arrived in Prague we knew it would be raining and it was true but we did not anticipate snow on our first morning and thanks to fire thinking we packed warm socks and still needed some more so we picked up a pair each from H&M.

Accessories – beanies, hats & gloves are essentials which one should not travel without during the cold weather. I am glad MOH has some warm gloves which saved me big time, my gloves are the worst so I am on the hunt for some nice and warm gloves to withstand this harsh winter.

What are some of your Fashion Travel Essentials?

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